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GRIN scripts and tools. You can find scripts in this directory. Other resources of art, marketing, memes and wallpapers are also available.

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  • Gateio
    • KYC
    • Deposit/Withdraw (using memo system)
    • TOR Method
    • Not available for EU Citizens
  • Tradeogre
    • No KYC
    • Slatepack Method
    • Deposit-Withdrawal is supported.
  • Bitforex
    • KYC
    • Withdrawal supported
    • https old method (Grin++, Ironbelly wallets don't support https tx method.)
  • 100x APP
    • No KYC, peer to peer. While in beta requires whitelisting on Discord
    • Escrow, Stable coin intermdiate
    • In beta, use at own Risk
    • Buy using Paypal, Venmo zelle
    • Actively promotes using Grin as cash
  • ZB
    • KYC
    • Deposit/Withdraw (using memo system)
    • TOR Method