Grin Community Council

Grin Community Council is formed from valued community members with remarkable contributions to Grin in 2021 May. Council's main task is to control and direct Grin Community Fund to support grin projects, bounties and community activities. Current council members are :

  • anynomous
  • mcmmike
  • future3000
  • trab
  • trinitron
  • mwgrin_fr


Since its launch in 2019, Grin development was funded by only donations. Donations to Grin General Fund was controlled by Original Grin Council according to Grin Governance RFC. After the last planned hard fork, this RFC has been replaced with Simplify-Governance RFC. Meanwhile community has raised its voice for supporting of more projects extendeding grin and its usability which was heard by Original Grin Council. One of Original Grin Council members, yeastplume made a proposition to split Grin Development Fund, and give control to a second group (or more than one group) for decentralizing governance. After discussions of several different split strategies in governance meetings ² ³ and community, it was decided to split Development Fund into two funds:

  • 1. Grin Development Fund to support core grin development
  • 2. Grin Community Fund to support community projects

Community Council candidates are called for joining to council, among four of them (dtavarez, hendi, mcmmike, paouky) were approved by original Council. To allow more community participation two additional council members (anynomous, future3000) are selected only by votes of the community. In June 22, the first community council meeting held. In Septemper 20, Grin community Fund received 33 BTC from original Grin Development Fund, by which splitting of funds has been realized.

Grin Community Fund

Grin Community fund is initially seeded by splitting a portion of Grin Development Fund. In order to keep independence community fund solely relies on community donations. If you want to keep Grin growing, please consider donation to Grin Community Fund.

Community Meetings

Grin Community Council is gathered every 1st and 3th Tuesday of the month with a predefined agenda in Keybase#general channel. Everyone is free to offer agenda topics before the meetings, join the meetings and express their opinions and ideas in a friendly and respectful environment. Previous meetings notes can be found here. You can follow next meetings agenda in community council agenda repo.